Our planned walks

Spring Special

Spring sees the migrants return from Africa bringing colour and song back to local habitats. Nothing beats seeing a Redstart or Wood Warbler in full song. We have number of great sites where we can explore nature at it’s very best. In late spring the amazing local & rare butterflies start to emerge and if conditions allow we will always try and find you something special. Locations can be agreed based on your location or recorded sightings around that time. 

Autumnal Delights

Nothing excites a wildlife enthusiast more than Autumn. The season sees many birds passing through on their returning migration and there is always a great chance to see some passing waders. Wildfowl from the continent is also on the move and we will try and find what has arrived in our area. There are never enough hours in a day in Autumn so why not join us and find out why.  

Winter Warmer

During winter our walks visit a range of habitats pending your particular needs. Wildfowl numbers always increase and it’s a great opportunity to see a variety of species of duck & geese. Woodland paths offer a great environment to explore to try and find the tit flocks & crests that are moving through in search for valuable food. 

Birdwatching for beginners

Birdwatching has never been so popular and we understand many people want a helping hand. Join us for friendly morning workshop and learn the basics & next steps of birdwatching. Before we can start we offer you support with your optics to ensure you are using them in best way possible. Binoculars are available to loan if required.  During the session we will cover essential skills such as bird identification, fieldcraft, where to find birds, songs/calls and migration.